Bailey Day 

Account Manager

Bailey Day has several years of customer service experience. She started with LaunchPointPEO in the Summer of 2020. She entered the world of Human Resources to explore her passion for helping people and solving problems. She been working as an Account Manager since fall of 2020 and is excited to grow with the company. In her spare time, she enjoys traveling and spending time with her two furbabies.

Sydney is starting out as an HR Associate who will be training to be an Account Manager. Sydney has several years of customer service experience. She loves working with people and loves learning. She looks forward to taking on more responsibilties. An interesting fact about Sydney is that she is a former cast member of Walt Disney World while enrolled in the Disney College Program. She completed this program in 2019. Sydney currently attends Blue Ridge Community College where she is pursuing her General Education Associates Degree. Coming from a military family, Sydney’s original goal was not to go to college but to join the Army. In her free time, she loves to spend time with her daughter and enjoys the outside.

Angela Good
HR Associate

Angela joined LaunchPoint PEO in May of 2021 as a Human Resources Assistant. She has 10+ years of customer service experience. Angela was in the hospitality industry where she gained helpful insight into providing stellar service and customer satisfaction. She is looking forward to being part of a local, successful, growing company to further encompass her talents and professionalism. Angela is a positive, charismatic individual who has a strong work ethic and is passionate about motivating others. She looks forward to growing in the Human Resources field and using her knowledge to become an Account Manager. In her spare time, she enjoys attending baseball games and other outdoor activities with her two children

Tasha Haddock


Tasha Haddock joined LaunchPointPEO in 2020 and brings over 10 years of experience in customer service and Human Resources. Born into a patriotic military family, Tasha’s original career plan was to join the USAF as she places high value on service before self. A passionate life student, she thrives on genuine connections; helping others to unlock their unique potential. When not in her professional realm, Tasha can be found adventuring outdoors or at the ball field with her husband and three boys.

Colton Wolf


Thelma Poock

Recruiting Assistant

Thelma Poock joined LaunchPointPEO as a Recruiting Assistant during the summer of 2019. She brings with her a wide variety of experiences, including a past career in education, where she served as an elementary and special education teacher, along with being a parent educator. As the spouse of a now retired USAF member, Thelma was given the opportunity to live in a multitude of places, having a number of volunteer positions supporting military families and the local community. Thelma strongly believes that reaching out and helping others by making a positive impact is top priority. She views her position at LaunchPointPEO as a way to help others by linking them with a job that will move them forward in their career. Thelma and her husband have raised two children that are now adults out on their own. Two golden retrievers fill the empty nest! Thelma and one of her goldens volunteer together as a certified therapy team visiting nursing homes and library reading programs.

Colton Wolf has been with LaunchPointPEO since August of 2020.  Colton is a graduate of Virginia Commonwealth University (Go Rams!) and holds a B.A. of Political Science.  He strives to put his heart into his work and push the company toward success.  Colton is an avid learner and believes that you can never have too much knowledge.  In his spare time, Colton can be found reading a book, spending time outdoors, or enjoying time with loved ones.   

Rachel Aleshire

Payroll Clerk

Eric Matthews

Payroll Clerk

Rachel Aleshire graduated from Bridgewater College with a Bachelor of Science in Communication, Technology, and Culture. Rachel joined LaunchPoint PEO in February of 2021. She started as a HR Assistant but has recently transitioned into the role of Payroll Clerk. Rachel enjoys playing games with her family and friends and hanging out with her dogs in her spare time. She also loves acting and has been involved in her local community theater and haunted house attraction for many years, which also got her involved with special effects makeup. Rachel is excited to continue to gain experience and to grow with LaunchPoint PEO.

Eric Mathews has recently rejoined LaunchPointPEO in September of 2020 as a Payroll Clerk. He originally started as an intern in 2017 but has returned in the wake of college changes. As a quick learner, Eric has adapted well to his new position. He has taken an increasing number of responsibilities and has been performing admirably. His spare time is spent on a wide variety of hobbies, from video games and chess to creative writing and composing music.

Jennifer Buracker

PEO Deputy Director

Nacole Bogden

PEO Deputy Director

Jen Buracker has over twenty years in the customer service field. She has been with LaunchPointPEO since the very beginning, helping with the researching and standing up of the PEO. Before taking on her role as the Account Manager, she worked for Subsidium for a combined total of seven years. Jen recently was promoted from Account Manager to Deputy PEO Director taking on more responsibilities while continuing to learn and grow with LaunchPointPEO.  Although she loves being an Account Manager she and is still available if you need her, she wanted to branch out and learn more.

She is a mom to three wonderful children and is enjoying her new role of “Grammie” to three grandchildren. Jen is very family oriented and enjoys traveling to watch her children play sports and spending all the time she can with her close friends and loved ones.

Nacole Bogden is a Deputy Director with LaunchPoint PEO, working with recruiting and growth.  She has worked in the HR industry for almost 10 years.

Nacole believes in a customer and mission-centric vision of service, and is very familiar with the complexities of working with diverse clients from the Department of Veterans Affairs to the Naval Special Warfare Command.Nacole specializes in recruiting high-quality candidates on short notice to fill emerging requests in a dynamic market.  She also created the security and administration guide which was later adopted by the VA office to support multiple contracts. At her last company, Nacole’s experience and insight helped secure a $6M IDIQ contract within her first year. Living in Leesburg, VA with her fiancé and their 4 children, Nacole enjoys outdoors and photography and is looking forward to her first grandchild.

Meet The Team

Sydney Knight
HR Associate