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Frequently Asked Question
Everything you need to know about LaunchPointPEO


Where do I get my Paystubs?

All you need to do is go to, go to MYSELF, then to PAY and then PAY STATEMENTS

How do I change my exemptions for my taxes?

Changes can be made on ADP, under MYSELF then click on PAY, then TAX WITHHOLDINGS

Why can't I put my time in?

Make sure you have selected the correct column under HOURS and are using the correct charge code

No. You will enter your hours under TIME CARD

Do I punch in and out?

In ADP, you will go to MYSELF, TIME OFF, then REQUEST TIME OFF

How do I request PTO?

When am I eligible for PTO time?

After 90 days of employment

Your Account Manager is available anytime to answer any questions and or concerns you might have. 

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